Unity VR Scene Loader Demo

Scene Loader Demo

This is a demo project for a fade screen effect and a scene loader for Unity.

It can be used to create smooth transition between scenes for VR and compensate the loss of head tracking.

It’s configured for Google Daydream VR (but could be easily ported to other VR SDKs) and pack GVR SKD 1.5.

Just run the emulator and press “O” to fade out, “I” to fade in, “A” to load the first scene (with fade effect) and “B” to load the second scene.

When built to phone (for Daydream) press the touchpad to load the first scene and press the app button to load the second scene.

Main scripts are “FadeScreen.cs” and “SceneLoader.cs” in the “Scripts” folder.

Read our blog post for more info here: https://tengio.com/blog/crossing-realities-tips-and-tricks/#scene-transition-in-unity-for-vr-preserve-head-tracking