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Game-like free market agent based economy simulator

Unknown VersionGNU General Public License v3.0Updated 3 years agoCreated on April 13th, 2017
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Economic simulation


Project now has patreon page where you can help contributing in this project

There is early browser demo of this game (about 6MB download, some devices are not supported)

And there is standalone windows version in releases, which runs faster


I’m a huge fan of Victoria 2 game but I was disappointed in how Victoria 2 economy is made. Since I didn’t find better game-like economy simulation, I decided to try to make my own. Main principles of that simulation are:

  • agent based simulation with real population units, fabrics, countries
  • prices determined by supply / demand balance (currently with one market and one currency - gold)
  • no price limits (except 0.001 and 999), allowing realistic inflation
  • population consume goods not in fixed order but - at first cheap goods, then expensive
  • factories can compete for workforce by changeable salary
  • factories have specific owner like government or population unit
  • capitalists can take loans form national bank for business expansion
  • governments can put extra money in bank
  • governments can compete by wars

What it has now (v0.19.2)

  • provinces and countries (generated randomly)
  • movements and Rebellions
  • factories and national banks
  • population agents (Aristocrats, Capitalists, Farmers, Soldiers, Workers, Tribesmen, Artisans)
  • basic production\free market trade\consumption
  • basic warfare
  • basic inventions
  • basic reforms (population can vote for reforms)
  • population demotion\promotion to other classes
  • migration\immigration\assimilation
  • political\culture\core\resource\population\prosperity map mode
  • basic diplomacy (only relations for now)
  • substitute products
  • planned economy!
  • Bugs

Map is generated randomly, you play as some country yet there is no much gameplay for now. You can try to growth economy or conquer the world.


map map map

Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur


I would love to have other people providing ideas, code or questions. You may:

License is GPL-3.0

How to build

Since 0.19.2 version the project is build with Unity 2017.40f1 (5.4.2f2 will brake UI positions). Just add as project and open “Base” scene

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