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:books: Library of all kind of scripts, snippets & shaders for Unity

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Unity Library

🎉 Welcome to Unity Library 🎉

Useful scripts, snippets and shaders here it is gathered for free.

We have collected most scripts from external sources like Unity Communities (Forums, Answers) and we made it ourselves a little.

Getting Started

This repository contains all kind of utilities for Unity from scripts to shaders.

You can browse this repository and find your desired utility or you can clone this repository and browse the files:

git clone https://github.com/UnityCommunity/UnityLibrary.git

and then open the folder in unity or you can find useful stuff by browsing awesome resources in the below.

✨ Contribution is Welcome

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Awesome and Useful Unity Resources:

✨ Awesome Unity

📋 Unity Script Collection

📖 Unity Design Patterns

📜 GameDev Resources

🎮 Games On GitHub

⭐️ Unity Singleton


Any contribution to this repository are welcome.

Also you join as a member to do more stuff such as creating new repositories for more awesome open source works.

📕 Read our Contribution Guidelines to find a way to help.

Join the Community

Send your GitHub id to one of the below ways:

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Feel free to 📮 Post your ideas/comments/improvements/recommendations


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