Shaders & Effects

Augmented Shaders

Shaders for Augmented Reality



7 different shaders to produce the appropriate levels of light, darkness, and color within an image) for integrating real world objects into your augmented reality game. Shader colors include Normal Shader, Invert Shader, Grayscale Shader, Grayscale Threshold Shader, Grayscale Ramp Shader, Sepia Shader, and finally Chroma Key Shader with support for Blue, Green, and Red chroma keying. ar video shaders ui

Unity3d(Building for Android and iOS)

Game Development with Unity for iOS and Android devices.pdf



Getting started with Android development

Android Studio

A good tutorial for Android Studio Setup(Windows, Mac, and Linux):

iOS Build Settings

Unity v5.6.1 or later

Requires iOS 10 or later

Requires XCode 9 beta or later:

Requires iOS device(iPhone 6S or later, iPad (2016) or later)

In Bulid setting make sure to checkmark the boxes for Symlink Unity libraries and Development Build. switch_platform-ios