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SUTD 3.007 project - a 3D unity simulation for Coulomb's Law

Unity 5.4.2f2Unknown LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on November 17th, 2016
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A Physics Simulator

3D unity simulation for Coulomb’s Law. Also a 3D display of Palpatine.

To run, only build.exe and build_Data are needed. Place them in the same folder and run build.exe.

General scripts

Contains global variables used for determining sizes of objects in the simulation

Contains functions for linear transformation (x-axis and y-axis rotation)

Contains functions for controlling the simulation via KeyInput

  • Space : Pause/resume
  • Alpha1 : Standard x,y,z mode
  • Alpha2 : r,z mode
  • Alpha3 : Manual control mode via arrow keys

You don’t want to know.

Script for spinning camera about the set-up.

Scripts for line rendering LineRendererDrawers

AxisXDrawer.cs, AxisYDrawer.cs, AxisZDrawer.cs
Draws the lines for the x, y and z axes.

Draws a ring around the location of GameObject RingPlaceholder.

Scripts for drawing vectors

Draws a line from the ring to the moving ball object.

Draws a arrow extending from the moving ball object. Represent resultant electric field vector from a particular point in the ring.

XComponentDrawer.cs, YComponentDrawer.cs, ZComponentDrawer.cs
Draws the x, y and z components of the resultant vector.

Draws the r component of the resultant vector. Replaces the x and y components.

Scripts for movement Movement

Follows PointBitchMaster, which is being controlled via LeapMotion.

Follows along the side PointBitchMaster. Used in PointAxisX, PointAxisY and PointAxisZ for placement of axes.

Palpatine mode

All objects for Palpatine mode are placed in the LightningBolt folder.

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