Bullet 4 Unity by VektorKnight - 2


A new project aimed at integrating Bullet physics and Unity3D using BulletSharpPInvoke .

Unity 2018.1.1f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 2 years agoCreated on July 7th, 2017
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The aim of this project is to fully integrate the Bullet physics engine with Unity3D.

Project Goals:

  • Clean and efficient interop code with thorough documentation
  • Implement all features of Bullet Physics

What Works:

  • Discrete Dynamics World
  • Sequential Impulse Solver
  • Non-smooth Non-linear Conjugant Gradient Solver
  • Multithreaded Solver (OpenMP & PPL Scheduling)
  • Basic RigidBody Dynamics

This project is still mostly incomplete and therefore not recommended for use in any situation other than curiosity. A demo showing basic physics interactions and the Point-to-Point constraint can be found in the “ConstraintTesting” scene.

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