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Newtons laws of motion explained through Unity 3D in C# as part of https://www.udemy.com/gamephysics.

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Introduction To Section 2

In this section we will be dealing with a rigid body, and the effect of forces on it.

  1. Unbalanced forces lead to accelerations.
  2. Accelerations lead to a change in velocity.
  3. Velocity determines the change in position.

We will be working backwards through this list, starting with position and eventually creating components to model the effect of various forces on our game object.

Section 2 Assets

Section Notes PDF

Newton’s 1st Law

Summing The Forces

  • using System.Collections.Generic;
  • Create a public list of forces, forceVectorList;
  • Create AddForces () so sum the forces.
  • Debug.LogError () if we have a net force.
  • Otherwise continue to update the position.

Newton’s 2nd Law

  • 2nd Law Defined
  • Write Code For Acceleration
  • Publicly expose float mass
  • Create UpdateVelocity () method
  • Modify velocityVector every FixedUpdate
  • Remove Debug.LogError() code

Newton’s 3rd Law

  • Defining Newton’s Third Law.
  • Examples of why it’s important to consider.
  • Introducing our trail drawing code.
  • Switching trail direction.
  • Recap of Newton’s laws

Physics Engine Architecture

  • What we’re trying to achieve.
  • Why it’s important to get this “right”.
  • Re-orgainse list iteration for variable forces.
  • Bring DrawTrails.cs into PhysicsEngine.cs.
  • Move the forces into separate components.

DOWNLOAD Unity Project

SI Units & Dimensions

Rocket Science 101

Modelling Gravity

  • Review the universal gravitation equation*
  • Create a method for it in Unity.
  • Check we get realistic force values.
  • Gravitational constant

Back Down To Earth

  • Setup a football field “on Earth”.
  • Test gravitation matches real values.
  • Explore parabolic flight.
  • Set scene for air resistance.

Air Resistance

  • Design a simple formula for air resistance.
  • Create an Air Drag component.
  • Test flight against reference ball.
  • Tweak to get similar results to Unity’s engine.
  • Drag (physics)

Script Execution Order

  • Expand on Unity’s script execution order*
  • Demonstrate our bug at “high” speeds.
  • Show how this relates to fixed update time.
  • Move Universal Gravity to separate object.
  • Execution Order of Event Functions

Making A Simple Game

  • Make a simple hit-the-target game.
  • Add a cylinder to represent a rocket launcher.
  • Write Launcher.cs class.

Finishing & Tidying Up

  • Re-introduce Universal Gravitation.
  • Review the overall structure of what we’ve done.

Section 2 Wrap-Up


  • Basic physics engine architecture / trade-offs.
  • A foundation in Newton’s Laws of Motion.
  • Dimensional checking as a tool.
  • How to distill information from Wikipedia etc.
  • How to create components for various forces.
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