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3D 10 pin bowling game built using Test Driven Development (http://gdev.tv/cudgithub)

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Complete Unity Developer - Section 8 - Bowlmaster

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You’re welcome to download, fork or do whatever else legal with all the files! The real value is in our huge, high-quality online tutorials that accompany this repo. You can check out the course here: Complete Unity Developer

In This Section

Introduction to Bowlmaster

Section 8 Game Design Document

About the Game Design Doc

  • This part of the section notes is a simple reference for the important specifications of the game.
  • This is just for reference, we’ll refer to it as needed during the videos.

Your Bowlmaster Assets

  • Your Bowlmaster assets attached.

Section 8 Notes

  • What BowlMaster Teaches
  • Manipulating a 3D world.
  • Test driven development.
  • Introducing Unity 5.

Useful Links

  • Section Links

Installing Unity 5

  • How to keep Unity 4.6.3 as well
  • Installing the latest Unity 5
  • A brief tour of what’s different

Creating 3D Cube Floor

  • Get used to 3D controls.
  • Create a bowling lane floor according to GDD.
  • Set your main camera to look down the lane.

How To Install Blender

  • Blender is a 3D art program.
  • We need it to import .blend files.
  • It’s amazingly powerful, but tricky to get started.
  • You only need to install for this course, not use.
  • www.CompleteBlenderCreator.com to learn more.

Useful Links

Import Pin From Blender

  • Import our bowling pin from Blender*
  • Learn about render and collider meshes.
  • Create a pin prefab.
  • Lay-out all 10 bowling pins on the floor.

Useful Links

3D Sphere As Bowling Ball

  • Create a 3D sphere of the right size.
  • Apply a temporary texture so we can see it roll.
  • Add a sphere collider.
  • Add a Rigidbody (3D) and set properties.
  • Make the ball roll down the lane.

Useful Links

Control Camera To Track Ball

  • Create CameraControl.cs for the Main Camera.
  • Make the camera track the ball.
  • Stop when it gets close to the headpin.

3D Collisions & Convex Meshes

  • Add Rigidbody to the pins.
  • Adjust physics so that collisions work*
  • Create new, richer pin prefab.

* We will make this more lifelike later

Top Camera Render Texture

  • Create a render texture* ready for camera output.
  • Position a top-down camera looking at pins.
  • Create a user interface panel.
  • Embed a “Raw Image” with this render texture.

Useful Links

Improve UI Scaling

  • Add new UI > Panel ready for swipe gesture.
  • Set scaling & anchors for UI panels
  • Make sure it scales well.

Simple Touch Control System

  • Re-factor Ball.cs to create public Launch ()
  • Write DragLaunch.cs component for ball.
  • Wire the UI Panel’s events to DragLaunch.cs
  • Test new drag control system.

Adding Arrows To Nudge Ball

  • Add another UI panel at bottom of screen.
  • Ensure this panel “occludes” the touch input.
  • Add two arrows, for moving ball left and right.
  • Write a simple method to allow this at start.

Animation Sub-State Machines

  • Overview the pinsetter and our end-goal.
  • Setup “swiper” bar to tidy & reset pins.
  • Add a “Swipe” animation for pin clearing.
  • About animation sub state-machines.
  • Managing pin tidying and resetting.

Working Around Nested Prefabs

  • Unity doesn’t support “nested prefabs”.
  • Care: the pins in Pins assembly are unlinked.
  • Adding Pin.cs to the right place(s).
  • About transform.rotation.eulerAngles.
  • Writing code to detect if pins are standing

Counting Upright Objects

  • About setting-up game object communication.
  • Setup a simple UI Text display for pin count.
  • Create a PinSetter box, and PinSetter.cs
  • Continuously count standing pins.
  • Only find standing pins after ball enters box.

Keep Going!

Ben encourages you to keep going, even though the lectures are long, and the subject matter is more complex.

Detecting Pins Have Settled 1

  • Use the PinSetter’s trigger collider to detect ball.
  • Only start counting upright pins when ball enters.
  • Detect when pins have stopped wobbling.
  • Update pin count display to green.
  • Set lastStandingCount to -1 when settled.

Detecting Pins Have Settled 2

Sub-states & Default States

  • Overview how Tidy & Reset will work.
  • Modify the architecture of the game.
  • Learn about sub-state machines.
  • Learn about default transitions.
  • Setup Tidy & Reset sub-states.

Calling Animator Helper Scripts

  • Add temporary UI Buttons for Reset and Tidy.
  • Write RaisePins() to lift all the standing pins up.
  • Write LowerPins() to lower them down again.
  • Test state machines work properly.

Some Debugging Tips

  • A bit more about Transform.Translate().
  • Using the Step button to slow things down.
  • The perils of moving static colliders.
  • How default animation blends can cause issues.
  • Warnings about moving motion clips around

Common Physics Issues

  • A reminder about Fixed Timestep.
  • About bounciness & default materials.
  • Issues of scale & effect on Physics Settings.
  • Stopping rigidbody’s passing through each other.

Tidying & Refactoring Code

  • About re-factoring your code.
  • Single Responsibility Principle*
  • Wider framework of SOLID.

Useful Links

How 10-Pin Bowling Scoring Works

  • Read how bowling scoring works*
  • Draw an Object Communication Diagram.

Some useful links…

Test Driven Development (TDD)

  • An overview of Test Driven Development (TDD).
  • The Red > Green > Refactor loop.
  • NEVER refactor with a failing test.

Useful Links

Install Unity Test Tools

  • What Unity Test Tools are*
  • How to find and install them.
  • Setting up your first failing test.

Useful Links

Making Your First Test Pass

  • Setup our ScoreMaster.cs class.
  • Write our first few tests.
  • Get the first frame scoring properly.

Red > Green > Refactor

  • Go through a few more TDD loops
  • Remember Red > Green > Refactor
  • Be strict with yourself, build the discipline
  • Save a version snapshot regularly
  • Have fun!

Finishing Our Control Code

  • Finish the Control Code
  • Go through the Red > Green > Refactor loop strictly
  • Focus your failing tests on edge cases
  • Keep your ActionMaster.cs looking clean
  • Stop when you’re confident it’s done
  • Challenge the community to write a failing test!

Failing Tests Challenge

  • Failing tests challenge

Bug Reporting Cycle

  • A brief overview of a TDD bug reporting cycle
  • Creating relevant tests from user bug reports
  • Sticking to the TDD discipline

Wire-Up ActionMaster.cs

  • Connect PinSetter.cs to ActionMaster.cs
  • Refactor PinSetter.cs to report pin fall
  • Connect PinSetter.cs to the animator
  • Remove the Tidy and Reset test buttons
  • Ensure our game controls it’s self now

Using OnTriggerExit()

  • Recap the problem with the current setup
  • Use OnTriggerExit() for objects leaving colliders
  • Refactor PinSetters.cs for the new paradigm.

Creating A Testable Architecture

  • Taking the time to refactor
  • Being your own boss
  • Our current architecture
  • A target architecture
  • Keeping our tests in place

Tidying Before Moving On

  • Removing unnecessary Unity Testing folders
  • Importing an animated gif texture
  • Quaternion.Euler() & Quaternion.Identy()
  • Using a boolean flag to prevent dragging
  • Using continuous dynamic collision detection

Refactoring Code & Tests

  • Refactor your ActionMaster tests for new API
  • Refactor your code to single responsibility*

Useful Links

A Game Manager With State

  • Correcting a bug due to incorrect responsibility
  • Create GameManager.cs and PinCounter.cs
  • ‘Weed’ PinSetter.cs into these new classes
  • Call the static ActionMaster.NextAction()
  • Repeatably test everything still works ok

An Epic TDD Challenge

  • An overview of the challenge (and delight) ahead
  • Find and move ScoreMasterTest.cs to Editor folder
  • Temporarily disable ActionMasterTest.cs
  • Write cumulative scorer in ScoreMaster.cs
  • Set THE challenge

Realtime Bowling Scoring Solution

  • How we solved the scoring problem.
  • A reminder that it’s the destination that counts.
  • How tests protect your refactoring.

“Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler” Albert Einstein

NOTE: I use a for loop in my solution, which you can read about in the resources below. You can just as easily use a while loop.

Useful Links

Golden Copy Testing

  • What golden copies are.
  • Why they are useful for verification testing.
  • Using the [Category (“Name”)] test annotation.
  • Using binary search to find the failing test(s).
  • Commenting our code for future readability.

An Array Of UI Text

  • Rearrange your UI to make space for scores.
  • Create your scoreboard.
  • Wire-up your scoreboard.

Tracing Errors Using Console

  • Break your whole game!
  • Trace your bug via console.
  • Discuss handling undefined states.
  • Discuss isolating and fixing bugs.

Try, Catch For Error Handling

  • How to decouple code with try{}, catch{}
  • Mainly used in file handling applications
  • Could be used in a team so one could move on
  • Isolating our ScoreDisplay.cs issues
  • Making our game fail gracefully

Static Classes In C#

  • What it means to define a class as static.
  • The perils (and advantages) of statics.
  • Why we’re using static here.
  • Refactoring a class to be static.
  • Learning to accept other people’s code!

Unit Testing MonoBehaviours

  • MonoBehaviour classes are hard to test*
  • Code a testable static helper method.
  • Create our testing structure.

Useful Links

Designing Your Own Tests

  • public static string FormatRolls (List rolls)
  • Write your own tests as you go.
  • Stick to the red-green-refactor loop.
  • Aim for 20 lines or less of beautiful code.
  • Enjoy the process & share with [SPOILER].

Useful Links

  • Our Score Display Test 1

Final Fixes & Finishing Off

  • Stopping nudging ball off the floor
  • Make ball collisions detection continuous
  • Suggestions for improvement

Bug Fixes & Upgrading Test Tools

  • Fix display of spare on last bowl.
  • Check that 0X displays properly.
  • Talk about upgrading Unity Test Tools.

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Section 8 Wrap Up

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