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Push box game with personal Collision System.

Unity 5.6.4f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on December 29th, 2017
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Since this is the first game I’ve ever done, the resource management is a disaster, athough there are so many useless materials, I can hardly delete them without distory my game, sorry for that. And I’ll update other personal games better than this.

  • Simply open BoxMan scence and run it.You can also play it by click .exe file.
  • Click BoxMan to use setting. Press WASD or TopDownLeftRight Arrow to move as far as you pressed the key, and you can also move only one step by click the arrow buttons on screen.
  • End target turns yellow when your box arrives and YouWin panel will appear when all box arrives.
  • Jump to level button can bring you to another level.
  • All collision parts are writen with linecast, which is more proper for a boxman game then use system physical collision.
  • The game code are object-oriented designed, base on box and robot objects, so it’s very simple to edit a new scence, since the core code are all reusabole.
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