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Unity Character Controller collision fix

Unity 5.5.0f3Unknown LicenseUpdated 4 years agoCreated on January 9th, 2017
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This is my attempt to fix the issue with Unity’s Character Controller object wherein it pops into the air whenever it comes in contact with a rigid body.

My solution is very rough as I’m a novice coder and am lost in the world of Vector math 0_0.

This is the default Character Controller behavior with dynamic colliders.

alt tag

Upon scouring the interwebs the only ray of hope I found was this article

I tried to reproduce his work in my solution, to get the closest point on the colliders I used code from the SuperCollider class found here

Here is how the Character Controller behaves with the Collison Fixer script alt tag

Its rough but it works- if you can improve it- please do! Just add the script to the Character Controller Game Object. alt tag

In the original ideas I based this on from he used multiple OverlapSphere’s- I only used one in my script as I wasn’t able to stop passthroughs when the sphere was any smaller than in my example project.

To improve this it defintely needs to look smoother and be able to allow the character controller to get closer to the colliding object. I was able to get smoother motion by using a smaller overlapSphere size and pushback amount but then I was getting the jumps/collision passthroughs.

I’ve included the Unity test project which was made in 5.5- I tested with different types of moving objects. (Animated, Physics, Translate)

The script alone is below as well. If you can improve upon it, please do and send me a copy! ^_^ I’m @mdotstrange on twitter or Thanks!

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