Move To Collision Point

# MoveToCollisionPoint

MoveToCollisionPoint extension for Unity. Use it to move specified transform to a specified collision point.

Licensed under MIT license. See LICENSE file in the project root folder.



  • Move transform to a raycast hit point.


Nothing here.

Quick Start

  1. Clone repository into the Assets folder.
  2. Select game object in the hierarchy window and from the Component menu select MoveToCollisionPoint to add component to the selected game object.
  3. From other script or UnityEvent call MoveToHitPoint(RaycastHit) to move specified transform to a raycast hit point.


Just create an issue and I’ll do my best to help.


Pull requests, ideas, questions or any feedback at all are welcome.


Example: v0.2.3f1

  • 0 Introduces breaking changes.
  • 2 Major release. Adds new features.
  • 3 Minor release. Bug fixes and refactoring.
  • f1 Quick fix.