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Synchronize devices information in real time through Unity Networking.

Unity 2017.2.0f3BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on July 18th, 2017
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Devices synchronization for Unity

Unity library that allow to synchronize devices information in real time using Unity Networking.

This project has been developed as part of the master thesis of Erwan Normand and was supported by the ÉTS - École de Technologie Supérieure.


  • Devices synchronize their touches information.
  • Devices synchronize their touch gestures and events with the input library LeanTouch.
  • Devices synchronize their acceleration events information.
  • Server keeps the latest information from all devices client and send them to every new connected device client.


  1. Open the TCP/UDP port you’re going to use.
  2. Clone this repository directly on your Unity project.
  3. Try the test scene:
    1. Connect a mobile device on the same local network than your PC.
    2. Build and run the Assets/DevicesSyncUnity/Scene/MobileSync.unity scene on the mobile device and on the PC.
    3. Use the HUD to host on the PC and to connect as client with the mobile device.
    4. Touch the mobile device and see the touches displayed on the PC screen.


  1. Set up the NetworkManager on your scene.
  2. Optionally use Assets/DevicesSyncUnity/Prefabs/NetworkManagerHUD.prefab as replacement of the default Unity’s NetworkManagerHUD.
  3. Drag and drop to scene the Assets/DevicesSyncUnity/Prefabs/{DeviceInfoSync, AccelerationSync, TouchesSync}.prefab prefabs and configure them.
  4. Optionally use Assets/DevicesSyncUnity/Prefabs/DevicesSyncDisplay.prefab to debug the prefab.


The documentation of available online:


If you’d like to contribute, please fork the repository and use a feature branch. Pull requests are warmly welcome.


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (3-clause BSD license).

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