The Virtual Reality Agent Interaction Network (VRAIN) is a Unity package that allows users to create intelligent agents with minimal effort.

Short-Term Features In Development

The following is a list of tasks to-do or that are currently in the process of development:

  1. JumpManager: adding ‘jumps’ between Events
  2. RotateManager: turn the agent smoothly
  3. MemoryCheckManager: alter agent behavior based on memory (interactions with user(s)) – requires logic/reasoning

Long-Term Features to Implement

  1. Network Manager: add multiplayer support
  2. EmotionCheckManager: based on memory (state of mind) – requires blendshape (facial expressions)
  3. GazeManager: control agent eye-gaze and head movement – requires blendshape (facial expressions)


Current Release

Current released version tracks when EventIM type instances (Response, Dialog, Animation, etc.) are completed. No more running through a list of events!