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Year 2 Semester 3 Networking and Multiplayer Games (Game Practicum) module Unity game project

Unity 2017.1.1f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on September 24th, 2017
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The Lord Of The Meows

A Unity 2017 game, set in a fantasy world ruled by cats.

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Progress Report


  • Basic character movement WASD: UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT.
  • Camera movement.
  • Chest Interactable script.
  • Sign/Dialog Interactable script.


  • Implemented choice system:
    • When interacting with a InteractableSign which has one or more Choice types, the player will be given these choices.
    • The playe will use the UP and DOWN arrows to select the choice and press the E key to continue.
  • Choices implemented:
    • Dialog choice - displays additional dialog, has three fields :
      • string[] : new messages to display.
      • bool : Override original message of the InteractableSign.
      • bool : Remove this choice once it has been selected.
    • Exit - Ends the interaction.


  • Implemented Inventory system, with seven slots.
    • Player navigates the inventory via LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys.
    • Player uses the selected item via SPACEBAR key.


  • Implement choice flags for choice option control.
  • Try out using additive scene with main scene.


  • Extend InteractableSign into InteractableSignChoice which has choices feature.
  • Fix bug of using items, adding items and removing items when character is frozen.
  • Fix bug of ItemDatabase returning null.
  • Use Persistent scene to hold persistent objects (i.e. Character), achieving persistence.


  • Finish implementing the SceneController script for loading, unloading and changing scenes.
  • Create the GUI for pause menu.


  • Implement Open/Close menu with time scale adjusting accordingly.
    • Implement Resume and Exit buttons
    • Controls with only E key for confirming button and UP/DOWN arrow keys for selection


  • Import blender created models and setup the first level - Kings Castle.


  • Start building the level, attaching scripts to gameobjects and setting up colliders.


  • Implement InteractableExchange script for possible quest/shops.


  • Extend the functionality of InteractableChest and InteractableExchange to feature optional InteractableSign’s - i.e When chest is open a dialog is displayed to tell you what you got, and when an already chest is interacted with, it tells you that the chest is already empty.
  • Fix InteractableSign bug when if the player presses E key to skip dialog, the player becomes unfrozen before the dialog box disappears.
  • Create and import a WoodenSign asset and position it in the KingsCastle level.
  • Change Kings dialog from InteractableSign to InteractableSignChoice to demo the choice system.
  • Minor text changes in InteractableSign’s (to added better jokes and puns) and repositioning some GameObjects.
  • Create better sprites and added them to the game.


  • Fix duplicate KingsCastle scene loading bug
  • Create SpawnPoint gameobject and script to specify Character spawn location and camera movement boolean.


  • Add Health and Powerup HUD
  • Create CharacterHealthModel for adding/damaging health


  • Create House and Tree models, texture them and import into Unity
  • Layout the village Level
  • Improve SpawnPoint script to allow for Camera options for different spawn points


  • Create Idle, Walking and Running animations for Character
  • Set up the AnimationController and append the changes to CharacterMovementView script
  • Allow for multiple SpawnPoints in a scene - the previous scene you where in dictates the spawnpoint of the scene to be loaded


  • Create CharacterVillagerController script for controller NPC villager movement
  • Begin placing NPC’s and creating dialog for them and other interactions
  • Implement ChoiceRemoveObject to allow for Choices to remove a GameObject (PlotBarrier) and allow for story progression
  • Implement SceneChanger to change scenes on Trigger


  • Create a Scarf for the Character
  • Implement Cloth physics for the Scarf on Character
  • Implement InteractableSignRemove to remove an object after interaction
  • Implement game retaining data even after exiting
  • Remake the inventory for easier serialization (using two Lists instead of a Dictionary)


  • Create the CastleGate model for Village level
  • Set up movement between KingsCastle level and Village level
  • Create TopHat, StrawHat and Helmet models for NPCs
  • Create Spear model for NPC_Guards
  • Position Guards around


  • Create SimpleAI, where if the player gets in range, the AI will come over and push the Player (as well as deal damage)


  • Create Attack_1 Animation for the Character
  • Set up AnimatorController to include Attacking
  • Allow for Attacks (if a weapon is present and selected in the inventory) with the SPACEBAR Key
  • Create a sword model for the Character
  • Implement basic combat, with damage and push back. The enemy gets destoryed when they run out of health
  • Display Damage done (to the enemy) via UI -> Numbers of damage appear of the enemy for 0.75 seconds


  • Implement saving and loading leveldata
  • Implement Saving and Loading game from Menu
  • Bug fixing


  • Change Character movement as per feedback recommendations


  • Fix inventory bug


  • Create splash screen


  • Create Forest Level
  • Make Enemies drop random item (Potions and Gold) depending on the Drop Rate
  • Add Death effect to the enemies
  • Make Character be able to pick up Item Drops from enemies
  • Create chests that open and contain items
  • Implement Medium AI which will attack you repeatedly but will run away if he recieves damage


  • Design Cave Level
  • Implement Moveable Blocks for puzzle element
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