Unity Fps 1


This project is a multiplayer FPS game made in Unity. I have many goals in doing this project: to learn/practice C#, to learn the basics of making an FPS-type game, to learn Unity’s networking API, and to make a fun-to-play first person character controller. In making the character controller, I implemented mechanics that I have found enjoyable to use in my experiences playing FPSes, including bunnyhopping and leaning. Currently, this game makes use of Unity’s networking API and services to connect players, who can kill each other by shooting. This was made by using various online learning sources, including many tutorials on Youtube (Brackeys, quill18, and more). The character controller movement code also directly derives from the Source Engine movement code.

Here are gifs of some of the game’s functionalities:

Gameplay mechanics

  • Shooting (with raycasts)


  • Bunnyhopping


  • Leaning



  • Sensitivity Slider

Sensitivity Slider

  • FOV Slider

FOV Slider