Udp Unity Tests


Learning project for figuring out how to do a UDPClient-based networked game with Unity.

This is a test client to accomodate the Python-based server project here.

Disclaimer I

I do not recommend this project as a solution for your game networking needs!

It is a learning project.

However, I have been storing it publically just in case there is something I have learned that might be helpful for others.

Disclaimer II

There is a lot of stuff “wrong” with this project and it will possibly not even work.

However, I have been able to use it as a starting point for a different project, which has a much-improved codebase. Eventually, once I have that project in a final state, I plan on updating both this project and the server project (link above) to include the improvements.


MIT License.

No warranty and do not expect it to work.