The Infinite War II Online Back To Dark

The Infinite War II (Online) - Back to Dark

Side Project. An Online Multi-Player FPS game based on C#, Unity3D and Photon. This is the multi-player version thus the robots are dettached. Please have your friends playing on other PCs at the same time so that you can battle with them.

Implemented:(Ordered from basic to advanced)

  • C# Object-Oriented-Develop Scripts
  • Basic uGUI for both PC and Android platform
  • Travis-ci Automative Integration
  • Physics & Graphics and Audio Controllers
  • Geographic system: Terrain
  • Animation system: Mecanim
  • Game Manager
  • Particle System & Line Renderer
  • Inverse Kinematic
  • Lighting, Shader and Image Effect
  • Performance Analyzer: Profiler -> CPU Optimization, Animation Optimization and Memory Optimization
  • Photon Unity Networking(PUN) and Photon Server


That’s all. Game design is not easy but fairly interesting and worth the efforts!

Quick Start for the demo

  • Open “Build” folder under “The Infinite War II - Back to Dark”

  • Open “TheInfiniteWarII.exe”

  • Click “Play!” to run the game (Please read the notes below before running it)

  • W,A,S,D -> moving

  • Space Button-> Jump

  • Mouse -> Move Camera

  • Left Mouse -> shoot

  • Notes:

  • Due to compatibility issues:

  • Windows10 users -> Check “Windowed checkbox”

  • Windows7 Users -> You won’t have compatibility issue so that you can either check it or not

  • Windows10 might also need to modify your Mouse Sensitivity (will add the details later)

  • Android user guide will be added soon

Quick Start for developers


  • 0.0 3D-Dominos Practice
  • 0.1 CharacterThirdPerson Practice
  • 1.0 Basic Third character Version deployed
  • 1.1 Basic First character Version deployed with Functional User Interface
  • 1.5 The Infinite War I (standalone version) - Origin
  • 2.0(Latest) The Infinite War II (Online) - Back to Dark

To do List

  • Finish the Automative Integration Scripts for Unity3D
  • Add documentation about changing mouse sensitivity
  • Upload older versions of Project (The issue: cannot upload since single file size >100MB)
  • Integrate online verison with standalone version so that users can add robot opponents in the online version