Gaia Online Unity Library


No reverse engineering etc. was required in any form to do this.


Library for interacting with the GaiaOnline API, endpoints and content inside of Unity3D. Provides Unity3D compatible compnents for rendering, animating, networking and more to bring GaiaOnline to life in Unity3D.


It relies on TypeSafe.Http.Net for the HTTP networking required for querying the GaiaOnline API. This is done in such a way that does not differ from browsers nor other addons like BetterGaia.

It also relies on some backend libraries that I’ve been maintaining over a couple of months oddly called HaloLive which provided a couple client interfaces, models and productive extensions.


GameServer List Sevice: is an ASP Core application that services a list of gameservers.

Authentication Service: is an ASP Core service that mocks an OAuth accesstoken/passwordgrant auth service. Can be replaced with a real OAuth service in the future.

To get the endpoints for these services the client’s should query the “glue” service, so to speak, that points them in the right direction. Located here: Service Discovery Service


You will need:


Clone and run build.bat and import the compiled assemblies in build/release into a Unity3D project.

TODO: nuget

TODO: release link


AGPL. If you do not understand the AGPL then the simpliest way to follow it is to simply make available your source code for anything you do with this project. This, unlike GPL, covers running this software on a server or as a network service.