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This repo was created for an assignment that would require you to implement various functions incorporating with Unity UI, UnityWebRequest, JSON Parsing.


YLE API Documentation -> http://developer.yle.fi/api_docs.html

APIConfidentialData.cs is ignored from the repository since the file contains my API id and key. Therefore I just decided to paste it. This would be one of the ways to omit confidential strings from your code.

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;

public class APIConfidentialData {
    string YOUR_APP_ID = "get_yours";
    string YOUR_APP_KEY = "get_yours";
    public string getAppId()
        return YOUR_APP_ID;

    public string getAppKey()
        return YOUR_APP_KEY;

Video on YouTube(https://youtu.be/MjLF-PMqE_s).

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