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Unity plugin for make context menu UI in scene.

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# MGS-ContextMenu


  • Unity plugin for make context menu UI in scene.


  • In Unity scene, show context menu when mouse right button click on the target gameobject and click the menu item to do something.


  • Unity 5.3 or above.
  • .Net Framework 3.0 or above.


  • IContextMenuElement : Interface for context menu element.

  • IContextMenuItem : Interface for context menu item.

  • IContextMenuSeparator : Interface for context menu separator.

  • IContextMenuTrigger : Interface for context menu trigger.

  • IContextMenuTriggerHandler : Interface for context menu trigger handler.

  • IContextMenuForm : Interface of custom context menu form.

  • IContextMenuFormHandler : Interface for context menu form handler.

  • ContextMenuElement : Element of context menu.

  • ContextMenuObject : Context menu support object.

  • ContextMenuTriggerHandler : Handler of contex menu trigger.

  • ContextMenuForm : Context menu form.

  • ContextMenuItem : Item of context menu.

  • ContextMenuSeparator : Separator of context menu.

  • ContextMenuTrigger : Trigger of context menu.


  • Demos in the path “MGS-ContextMenu\Scenes” provide reference to you.


  • Context Menu Example

Context Menu Example


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