Unity Juice UI

Unity Juice UI Tools | Tested For Unity 2017.2

A Juicy system for tweening Unity3D sprites, UI elements, and more. Tested in Unity 4.6 - 5.3

How To Use

1.  Download the Juice.cs file and throw it wherever you'd like in your assets folder
2.  Attach Juice.cs as a component to any gameobject that won't be destroyed (such as GameManager). Juice is a singleton.
3.  Call the library in any script anywhere (not just on that GameObject) via Juice.Instance.[JuiceMethodName]
4.  Take a deep breath
5.  Enjoy one-line tweens and fades!
6.  Ex: You want to fade a UI Text Component out over 4 seconds, and then destroy it after it's faded.
	Just do this: Juice.Instance.FadeOutGroup(GetComponent<CanvasGroup>(), 4, true, ()=> { Destroy(gameObject); });
	Make sure you have a CanvasGroup attached for all UI fade methods.
7.  Check out the demo project if you're curious, or want examples of usage.


Here are a few examples to get you going

The following will move ‘myRect’ 5 units up and 6 units to the left in exactly 1 second, linearly. After completing, it will print a debug statement

Juice.Instance.Tween(myRect, 1f, new Vector2(-6,5),Juice.Instance.Linear, ()=>{
	Debug.Log("All done!");

The following will fade out a CanvasGroup linearly, regardless of it’s current alpha

Juice.Instance.FadeGroup(myGroup, 0.5f, 0.0f)


Please raise an issue for feature requests, and a PR into master for any contributions with the following:
Summary of changes
How to test (convince me this won’t break existing Juice implementations)