UPF - Unity Presentation Framework

A Unity GUI framework based on WPF.


This package attempts to create a unified system for putting together GUI components in Unity. All my previous work uses ad hoc written components that shared much, but not enough code to display. I found myself wanting a standard UI framework and I’m pretty familiar with WPF, so I decided to give it a shot creating something along those lines. The is a first pass attempt and is lacking many of the niceties of the WPF framework, most notably templating, but it solves my basic needs for the moment.



Next Up

  • Templating - For my own use, this isn’t too necessary, but in order to turn this into a general purpose library I’d say it’s required
  • ICommand - When CanExecute returns false, controls need to disable automatically.

Future Improvements

  • Use the new GUI system - All of my work has been with the legacy unity gui system, so I just used that. It would be nice to be able to choose between the two with a switch