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Easily add a Hierarchy view (like Unity's scene view) to your Editor UI

Unity 5.4.1f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 4 years agoCreated on October 4th, 2016
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Editor GUI Hierarchy View

EditorGUIHierarchyView is an utility view that allows you to easily add a hierarchy view (think Unity’s scene view) to your Editor Windows.


  • Keyboard cycling (move up/down, open/close with key arrows)
  • Item selection
  • Multiple selection (cmd+click to select multiple items)
  • Text coloring (for both selected and unselected states)


EditorGUIHierarchyView hierarchyView = new EditorGUIHierarchyView();

public void OnGUI ()
	hierarchyView.BeginHierarchyView ();

	hierarchyView.BeginNode ("Select me");
		hierarchyView.Node ("Child");
		hierarchyView.BeginNode ("Another parent");
			hierarchyView.Node ("Grandson");
		hierarchyView.EndNode ();
	hierarchyView.EndNode ();

	hierarchyView.Node ("No children");
	hierarchyView.Node ("Hello");

	hierarchyView.EndHierarchyView ();

	Repaint ();

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