Editor GUI Split View


EditorGUISplitView is an utility view that allows you to easily add a split view with draggable resize functionality to your Editor Windows.

It couldn’t be easier to use

EditorGUISplitView horizontalSplitView = new EditorGUISplitView (EditorGUISplitView.Direction.Horizontal);
	EditorGUISplitView verticalSplitView = new EditorGUISplitView (EditorGUISplitView.Direction.Vertical);

public void OnGUI ()
	horizontalSplitView.BeginSplitView ();
	DrawView1 ();
	horizontalSplitView.Split ();
	verticalSplitView.BeginSplitView ();
	DrawView2 ();
	verticalSplitView.Split ();
	DrawView2 ();
	verticalSplitView.EndSplitView ();
	horizontalSplitView.EndSplitView ();