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Midi Anim Importer


MidiAnimImporter is a custom importer that imports a .mid file (SMF; Standard MIDI File) into an animation clip.


MidiAnimImporter generates three types of animation curves.

  • Beat/Bar Clock - Indicates the timings of the beats (quarter notes) and the bars.
  • Note Curves - Indicates the timings of key on/off of each note.
  • CC Curves - Represents the animation of each CC (control change) value.

A small example video.


Download and import one of the unitypackage files in the Releases page.

How to Use

MidiAnimImporter imports files with the .midianim extension. So the files should be renamed to end with .midianim before importing.

There are a few settings in the inspector.


  • BPM - The importer doesn’t support the BPM meta information, so that the BPM has to be set manually.
  • Gate Easing - When enabled, the note curves are to be smoothed by adding some transition time.
  • Attack/Release Time - Transition time of beginning/ending of each note.

The curves are to be imported as an animation clip of the MidiState class. It’s just a placeholder for the imported animations; They have to be manually copy-and-pasted to actual animations.

Copy-and-paste by hand? No way!

I think so too. This workflow should be improved in the future versions. If you have a good idea for improving it, toss it to me.