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BFRES Animation Extractor

BFRES Animation Extractor

A C#-based BFRES animation extractor for Unity, based on the NuGet packages provided by RayKoopa and RTB’s BFRES importer.


This project builds off of my SBFRES extractor and the Syroot libraries. Although my previous project does extract the model successfully into a useable FBX format, it unfortunately does not export the animations for the given model along with it since the animations are not currently supported in RTB’s MAXScript. Until these are supported, this library applies the animations within Unity itself. RTB’s MAXScript was chosen over RayKoopa’s io_scene_bfres, since the MAXScript is being actively developed.


RayKoopa’s NintenTools packages, notably Yaz0 and Bfres. It is important to note that these libraries do 99% of the heavy lifting here, I simply take the values and files provided by each library and employ them through Unity’s API.
AlexZZZZ’s Unity C# 5.0/6.0 integration plugin, which makes RayKoopa’s libraries useable in Unity 2017.1 (with the currently experimental .NET 4.6 runtime). No idea how he did it but this wouldn’t work without it!

Current Project State

Nothing is currently functional, hopefully will change at some point 😛