osu! map parser for Unity engine

osu! map parser for Unity engine, made just for fun. It can only work with circles position and time set, nothing more. Circle size/approach rate is fixed. No sliders/spinners support. Only one customizable hit sound. Noticeable latency if map is fast.


From Github


YouTube video

How to use

  1. Open Unity and create 2D project.

Create project

  1. Select [Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package…] and choose package.

Select custom package

  1. Import everything into your project.

Import everything

  1. Open your assets folder in Explorer and move any “osu!” song you want.

Move song

  1. Configure “GameHandler.cs” on “Script Handler” object.

Configuring game handler

  1. (Optional) Configure “Background” object.

Configuring background image

  1. Select [Edit -> Project Settings -> Player] and configure your default cursor (you can use your own but don’t forget to set cursor hotspot).

Configuring default cursor

  1. Select [Edit -> Project Settings -> Quality] and choose lowest quality for flawless performance.

Configuring performance

  1. Run and enjoy!

Wow that's cool tho


Skin - “Android Lollipop” (old) by “-makoto yuki”

Used songpack - “xi - Ascension to Heaven” mapped by Kroytz