Keep in mind this software still under heavy development and it can change without warning.

UniTiled is a Tiled Map Editor parser for Unity 3D. It will help you to load your Tiled created maps into Unity 3D engine.


  • Load Maps from Unity 3D Editor;
  • Unity 3D native 2D sprite support;
  • Support prefabs (coming soon);
  • Dynamic load maps form code (coming soon);
  • Tiled Object Support (coming soon);
  • Tiled Tile properties support (coming soon);
  • … and more.

Help us

If you like this project, you can help me to keep it running. Through paypal you can make a donation, I would be really grateful for your help. Oh, I’d almost forgot, you can also use Gittip.


UniTiled is free software distributed under the tems of the MIT license.