Build Status License: MIT

JCSUnity_PE stand for JCSUnity Package Exporter. This plugin help manage your Unity Project and export into multiple pakcages by just setting up by unityignore file and one single button click.


This is a small plugin for people who have multiple projects in one Unity project or people who need to export there tools. The goal of this project is to stop using Unity default export package system because people will have to manually choose what assets to export and what assets not to export. The idea behind this plugin is to do it once and never have to worry again.


Once you open JCSUnity PE editor window then you can start manage your packages. After you enter you package name and version number (optional) then you can generate the unityignore file.

Here is an example of the unityignore file. All the unityignore file will be generated under ‘Assets/JCSUNity_PE/unityignore/’ folder. in this example “JCSUnity_PE” would be ignored, and not added to the exported package.

# Thank you for using 'JCSUnity Packages Exporter'. This is the generated 
# unityignore file.
# Package Name: Hello World
# Version: 1.0.0
# Creation Date: 2017-10-25 06:58:14 
# Package Link: https://github.com/jcs090218/JCSUnity_PE
# Author: Shen, Jen-Chieh
# Email: [email protected]

# Ignore this plugin itself.

When you click the corresponding export package button, the plugin will find the corresponding unityginore folder, and exclude all unityignore files. This is similar to .gitignore files used in Git.