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Export Unity Scene to Three.js or A-Frame.

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Export Three.js or A-Frame From Unity Scene



Unity3D scene

Unity3D scene






  • Export Scene to Three.js scene format (THREE.ObjectLoader can load exported data)
  • Export Scene to A-Frame document
  • Export C# Script variable
  • Support lightmapping

  1. Edit->Kanau->“Export AFrame” or “Export Three.js”
  2. Export

How to use


Open your Unity3D project. Copy `/UnityProject/Assets/Kanau" directory into your project’s assets directory.

copy kanau

Lightmapping (Optional)

If you don’t want to export lightmapping, skip it. /UnityProject/Assets/Scenes/DemoLightmap is Lightmap Sample Scene.

Set Light as Baked.

baked light

Set GameObject as Static.

set static

Disable Automatic lightmap build to make exr files. Then, build lightmap.

  • Does <scene_name>/Lightmap-_comp_dir.exr exist?
  • Does <scene_name>/Lightmap-_comp_light.exr exist?
  • If automatic lightmap enabled, exr files doesn’t exist.

build lightmap


Edit -> Kanau -> Export Aframe or Export Three.js. Click Export and select target filepath.

kanau menu

  • Note : Unselect objects from Hierarchy view. If some objects are selected, only those are exported. (unselect means export all objects)

View (A-Frame)

Open exported html in browser.

View (Three.js)

  1. Export scene as scene.json. (hardcoded in viewer html)
  2. Copy exported file into /MiniThreejsViewer. (json file, images directory, models directory)
  3. Open /MiniThreejsViewer/index.html.



  • Tested on Unity3D 5.4.2p3.
  • Export configurations are used in A-Frame exporting. Three.js doesn’t use it.
  • A-Frame is unstable library. (current A-Frame version is 0.3.2) In future, A-Frame exporter wiil be broken.

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