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A Unity plugin to convert Excel files to Json

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This is a simple editor plugin which allows you to convert Excel files to Json within Unity.

Please note this has only been tested on Unity Mac. However it should work on Windows, you will probably need to remove the ExcelToJsonConverter/Mono folder to avoid conflicts with Windows System.Data.dll.

How to use:

  1. Copy the contents of the ExcelToJsonConverter folder into your project’s Assets/Editor folder.
  2. Open Unity project and select Tools -> Excel to Json Converter.
    • Select input folder where Excel files are located.
    • Select output folder to save Json files.
    • Hit “Convert Excel Files” button.
    • Check console window for conversion info.

How to call from code: Note: This is not designed for runtime use (although it should work in runtime, but will be slow).

ExcelToJsonConverter excelProcessor = new ExcelToJsonConverter();
excelProcessor.ConversionToJsonSuccessfull += ConversionToJsonSuccessfullCallback;
excelProcessor.ConversionToJsonFailed += ConversionToJsonFailedCallback;
excelProcessor.ConvertExcelFilesToJson(inputPath, outputPath, false);

This can be useful to integrate with your build scripts. See test project for example of this.


  • Supports .xls (1997 - 2004) and .xlsx (2007) excel file formats.
  • Supports multiple sheets per file. Each sheet is saved separately to a Json file with the same name. (e.g. Sheet1 saved to Sheet1.json)
  • Assumes that the first row of a sheet are column headers.
  • If you want to ignore a column and not have it saved in the Json file, prefix the column header with ‘~’. E.G. ~Notes
  • If you want to ignore a sheet and not have it converted to Json, prefix the sheet name with ‘~’. E.G. ~Temp
  • Automatically scans and updates excel files when editor refreshes (e.g. after a script is changed)

This plugin uses (and would not be possible without) ExcelDataReader & Json.Net.

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