Unity Buy Sdk


Shopify SDK for Unity

The Shopify SDK for Unity allows Unity developers to query and sell products from Shopify directly in Unity.

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Using the Shopify SDK for Unity

By following the steps below you’ll install the Shopify SDK for Unity into your Unity project using the shopify-buy.unitypackage:

  1. Download the latest release of the shopify-buy.unitypackage
  2. Make sure that your project is open in Unity
  3. Open the downloaded shopify-buy.unitypackage

When you are ready to build for a specific platform, please read the Supported build targets section to know how to configure your Player Settings and Build Settings in Unity


Checkout our Example Guide.

Supported build targets

The Shopify SDK for Unity should work on all platforms which support Unity’s Application.OpenURL. However we’ve made it much easier for users to checkout on iOS and Android. Below we list out more details about each of these platforms


The Shopify SDK for Unity requires iOS applications to be built using the Xcode 9 and above, have a minimum target SDK of iOS 9 and support Swift 3.

To target iOS see the iOS Build Details


The Shopify SDK for Unity requires Android applications to have a minimum API level of Android 4.4 ‘Kit Kat’ (API Level 19).

To target Android see the Android Build Details