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Unity ios rate us plugin

Unity 5.6.3f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on November 30th, 2017
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Unity ios rate us plugin.

This plugin use

  • appirater iOS plugin for backend
  • xcodeapi editor tools to modify xcode project to include localization files and StoreKit.framework framework.

Starting from 10.3 version this plugin will show native dialogue, prior that version it’s a manual popup which support most of the languages.

prior to 10.3 version 10.3+ versions
9 3_popup 10 3_popup

How to use it

Download and import latest release in to your project

On application start you must call following method

Appirater.Init(AppId, DaysUntilPrompt, UsesUntilPrompt,
				SignificantEventsUntilPrompt, TimeBeforeReminding, Debug)

And on significant event call


for more details please read origina appirater documentation

Move plugin to another location

If you move plugin to another location like

from Appirater/iOS to 3DParty/Appirater/iOS

you must change PluginHome value at PostProcess.cs script also.


project built on Unity 5.6.3 version

if you have any questions please use official forum

thanks to zeyangl for great example how to use xcodeapi

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