Unity Planets


Full-scale procedural planet generator in Unity with lots of graphics tricks including:

  • Scaled-space approach for rendering full-size planets
  • Geometry shader grass, fully integrated into Unity’s forward and deferred rendering pipelines
  • Custom light shapes (capsule + box), integrated into Unity’s deferred rendering pipeline
  • Screen-space atmosphere as a post-process
  • Custom tree generator with animated leaves


  • VR support
  • Place trees on the surface, with billboarding in the distance
  • Randomly generated dungeons to place on the surface
  • Change light optical depth calculation in Scatterer.cginc to incorporate a directional light’s shadow buffer
  • Better (physically based) clouds
  • Better drag/atmosphere model


Planet Surface

1 2 3 4 5

Interior Lighting with Capsule Lights

6 7 8 9

Tree Generator

10 11 12