Procedural Terrain Unity


This is the unity project part of the terrain stitching

Full instructions READ ME This is the full Terrain Stitching Project with implementation using IP Webcam and VLC To use: Adjust the different terrain height and width parameters and chunk size, this is up to the user, though testing has proven the headset maxes out around 1000x1000 at chunk size 50, but users can test this for themselves with the inspector adjustments. Run IP Webcam with video resolution 960x720 Turn off audio Portrait mode Start VLC To run: Got to tools>preferences In the bottom left under show settings click all. Go down to Video and under it Filters. Make sure scene video filters is checked. Expand the filters check. Go down to scene filter. Make sure format is png. Image width is 960. Image height isv1280. Recording ratio is 5. Filename prefix has to be images. Check always write to same file. Set directory prefix to > C:\Users\swri11\Documents\GitHub\VLCImages This prefix will only work on this computer if the Unity project location is not changed After that start the rtsp stream. Go to media>opennetworkstream>network tab The network Url is: on this network though it can change, just check what IP Webcam says at the bottom. Hit play. Double-check that an image is being created in the scenes VLCImages folder Start the TerrainStitching OpenCV project: Navigate to the C:\Users\swri11\Documents\GitHub\TerrainStitchingProject\TestStitching\x64\Release folder in the command terminal run TerrainStitching.exe (to run without IP webcam, run this application but add a video name in the folder at the end example: test.mp4, test2.mp4, test4.mp4) Start the Unity project. Open the scene labelled test. Play.