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A graph editor for viewing all UnityEvents at a glance

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Now also available at the Unity asset store! (free, reviews appreciated)


Have you ever come across a project that abuses linking UnityEvents in the inspector and now you can not find who is calling what? Unity Event Visualizer is a visual tool that allows you to see all the UnityEvents in a scene at a glance and when they are being triggered. It creates a graph in which nodes are gameobjects, outputs are any type of UnityEvent (custom ones supported as well!) and inputs are methods.




  • Grab the installer from the Releases section and import it into your project. Or alternatively download it directly from the Unity asset store

  • Select Windows/Events Graph Editor you can open the graph. Selector

  • Select any root gameobject(s) and click on Rebuild on selected hierarchy to generate a graph of all events being fired by the selected hierarchy, or Rebuild JUST selected to generate a graph of all events being fired by exactly the selected gameobjects. You can deselect everything and click any of the buttons to generate the graph of the entire scene, but beware for massive graphs!

  • Click on any node to highlight that gameobjects in your hiearchy. Alternatively right-click on any element in the hierarchy and select UnityEventGraph/FindThis to highlight it in the graph. Or UnityEventGraph/Graph Just This and UnityEventGraph/Graph This Hierarchy in order to create a graph starting just in this gameobject or any of its children respectively. Finder

  • Scene View https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhG0LRFLmdo. Scene View preview

Pull requests welcome!


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