Unity Event Visualizer



Have you ever come across a project that abuses linking UnityEvents in the inspector and now you can not find who is calling what? Unity Event Visualizer is a visual tool that allows you to see all the UnityEvents in a scene at a glance and when they are being triggered. It creates a graph in which nodes are gameobjects, outputs are any type of UnityEvent (custom ones supported as well!) and inputs are methods.




  • Grab the installer from the Releases section and import it into your project. Works in Unity 5.6+

  • Select Windows/Events Graph Editor you can open the graph. Selector

  • Click on any node to highlight that gameobjects in your hiearchy. Alternatively right-click on any element in the hierarchy and select UnityEventGraph/FindThis to highlight it in the graph. Finder

This is a work-in-progress. Pull requests welcome!