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Setup Unity and Visual Studio on Mac and PC. Use Unity's editor to position, rotate and scale game objects. Understand prefabs. Write very basic code, and use Unity's Console. http://gdev.tv/cu2github (REF: FS_CU2)

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# Complete Unity Developer 2.0 - Section 1 - First Steps

This is the Complete Unity C# Developer 3D, the long-awaited sequel to the Complete Unity C# Developer 2D - one of the most successful e-learning courses on the internet! Completely re-worked from scratch with brand-new projects, our latest teaching techniques,. You will benefit from the fact we have already taught over 250,000 students game development, many shipping commercial games as a result.

You’re welcome to download, fork or do whatever else legal with all the files! The real value is in our huge, high-quality online tutorials that accompany this repo. You can check out the course here: Complete Unity C# Developer 3D

By The End Of This Section You Can

Setup Unity and Visual Studio on Mac and PC. Use Unity’s editor to position, rotate and scale game objects. Understand prefabs. Write very basic code, and use Unity’s Console.

How To Build / Compile

This is a Unity project. If you’re familiar with source control, then “clone this repo”. Otherwise download the contents, and navigate to Assets > Levels then open any .unity file.

This branch is the course branch, each commit corresponds to a lecture in the course. The current state is our latest progress.

Lecture List

Here are the lectures of the course for this section…

1 Get Unity & Visual Studio Downloading

  1. Get the latest version of Unity 2017 (5GB PC, 10GB Mac).
  2. We are using version 2017.1.1, version on slides.
  3. We’ll update at the start of each section.
  4. How to find previous versions if needed.
  5. For Mac users only: downloading Visual Studio Mac.
  6. Later: change Unity to use VS on Mac.

2 How To Use This Course

  1. How Unity and Visual Studio relate.
  2. How to ask good questions & get the best help.
  3. Use the Q&A system for questions that need answers.
  4. Use the Community site for sharing work and ideas.
  5. Use our Discord chat server for live chat.

3 Introducing Unity

  1. How to setup and save a new project.
  2. Pick 3D (you can change and add asset packs later).
  3. Introducing Hierarchy, Scene, and Project tabs (default view)
  4. Build a simple block car.
  5. Save, screenshot & share.

4 The Wonder Of Prefabs

  1. Parent and child GameObjects and transforms.
  2. What, why and how to prefab everything.
  3. Build a 2nd object (e.g. bike, person, street lamp, tree).
  4. Compose a small scene & share.
  5. Save and explore the files on disc.

5 Introducing Visual Studio

  1. How an IDE helps us to write code.
  2. How to create a script from the Unity editor.
  3. How to chose which IDE Unity uses*.
  4. Setting your font size.
  5. How to attach a .cs script to a GameObject.
  • Particularly how to make Unity use Visual Studio on a Mac.

5b Instructor Hangout 1.1

  1. How these hangouts work.
  2. Thanks for your introductions.
  3. MonoDevelop vs Visual Studio.
  4. Mac vs PC considerations.
  5. Answering some common questions.

6 Section 1 Conclusion

  1. What you learned in this section.
  2. Please make the effort to engage in our community.
  3. Start the next section right away.
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