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DXR is a Unity package for rapid prototyping of immersive data visualizations in augmented, mixed, and virtual reality (AR, MR, VR) or XR for short.

Unity 2017.2.1f1MIT LicenseUpdated 2 years agoCreated on November 8th, 2017
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DXR: An Immersive Visualization Toolkit

DXR is a Unity package that makes it easy to create immersive data visualizations in XR (Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality). A visualization in DXR is a collection of Unity game objects whose visual properties (position, color, size, etc.) can be mapped to data attributes. The designer can specify this mapping interactively at runtime via a graphical user interface (GUI) or via a high-level programming interface, inspired by Polestar and Vega-Lite, respectively. DXR is extensible, allowing the use of most Unity game objects for custom marks and channels. To learn more, check out the example and gallery previews below, as well as the DXR website:

DXR Website: https://sites.google.com/view/dxr-vis

As a simple example, below, given a concise JSON specification (left) from the user, DXR generates an interactive visualization (right) in Unity.

Below are some 2D and 3D visualization examples generated using DXR, which can be placed in AR/MR/VR applications.

DXR is work-in-progress and is currently under preparation for a research paper submission. DXR is mainly developed by Ronell Sicat, and Jiabao Li, with Hanspeter Pfister of the Visual Computing Group at Harvard University, in collaboration with Won-Ki Jeong, JunYoung Choi, Benjamin Bach, and Maxime Cordeil.

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