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A drum-style keyboard for VR in Unity

Unity 5.4.4p3MIT LicenseUpdated 286 days agoCreated on June 29th, 2017
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VRKeys - A drum-style keyboard for VR in Unity

VRKeys Screenshot (click image for video)

VRKeys is an open source keyboard interface for single-line text input in VR, made in Unity and available for free in the Unity Asset Store.


  • Works with both Oculus Touch and HTC Vive
  • Drum-style keyboard input
  • Grab to adjust position and scale
  • Shift key for capitalization and special characters
  • Special @ and .com keys
  • Easy input validation, info, and confirmation messages
  • Ability to enable/disable input while validating or submitting
  • Alternate keyboard layouts for i18n (Dvorak & Azerty for French included)
  • Demo scene shows how to integrate into your own projects.

Try it out

There are demo builds for both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift available on the releases page.


To replace the Oculus Audio SDK with an alternate spatializer, just remove ONSP Audio Source from the Sphere object under LeftMallet and RightMallet.

Manual installation

  1. Install the prerequisites above
  2. Download VRKeys.unitypackage
  3. Import into your project via Assets > Import Package > Custom Package
  4. Open Assets/VRKeys/Scenes/Example Scene - Rift.unity or Assets/VRKeys/Scenes/Example Scene - Vive.unity to see a working example scene
  5. Example usage can be found in DemoScene.cs


When integrating VRKeys into your own scenes, assign a camera to the Event Camera on the VRKeys > Canvas object. This prevents Unity from defaulting to calling Camera.main multiple times per frame, which in turn calls Object.FindObjectWithTag on each access. For more info, see point 3 in these Unity UI optimization tips.

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