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Test about Unity 3d development for Samsung Gear VR

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Screenshot of the project preview in Unity editor

This is a toy project for testing Unity 3d development for Samsung Gear VR.


NOTE: this project is aimed to Windows and Unity 3d version 5.2.1 or greater

  1. Prepare your development environment following the instructions on the next link: Android Development Software Setup for Windows. NOTE: in my particular case I don’t use Eclipe, so I didn’t configure it.
  2. Clone this repo locally. From now on, we will refer to the local copy of the repo as REPO_DIR.
  3. Generate an Oculus Signature file (osig) for your mobile following the instructions on this link.
  4. Open REPO_DIR/UnityProject with Unity 3D.
  5. Plug your Samsung to the computer.
  6. On Unity, open the scene in Assets/Scenes/SampleScene.unity and set Android as the target platform.
  7. Build the Unity project and enjoy!.
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