Ros Tango Unity Test


This is Sample code of ROS.NET(https://github.com/uml-robotics/ROS.NET_Unity) and google Tango.

This sample just broadcasts Tango camera’s position on Unity. For more detail, Please see Assets/RosManager.cs

This is for Using ROS in UNITY application.It means you need something beautiful interface.

If you want to get just Tango information,I recoomend to use “Tango ROS Streamer” http://wiki.ros.org/tango_ros_streamer

If you want camera image on display and Tango information.(Camera image is useful for mounting and checking tango device).My sample code is useful.(Andorid studio project with java only) https://github.com/akirayou/rostest2

Caution: Google Tango SDK supports only Unity5.6.x Yes,Tango is over. But useful as robot’s SLAM camera.