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Sample code of ROS.NET Unity(5.6.x only) and Google Tango

Unity 5.6.3f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 4 years agoCreated on October 6th, 2017
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This is Sample code of ROS.NET( and google Tango.

This sample just broadcasts Tango camera’s position on Unity. For more detail, Please see Assets/RosManager.cs

This is for Using ROS in UNITY application.It means you need something beautiful interface.

If you want to get just Tango information,I recoomend to use “Tango ROS Streamer”

If you want camera image on display and Tango information.(Camera image is useful for mounting and checking tango device).My sample code is useful.(Andorid studio project with java only)

Caution: Google Tango SDK supports only Unity5.6.x Yes,Tango is over. But useful as robot’s SLAM camera.

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