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A sample unity game where I am testing new features and other epic stuffs in my free time. Thanks unity for the game template !

Unity 2017.1.1f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on September 25th, 2017
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A sample unity game where I am experimenting new features and other epic stuffs in my free time. Thanks unity for the game template ! The base game is a player shooting enemies which eventually will try to overwhelm the player. A score system is also there.

latest build downloadable at “_Playable_Build” folder

New Functionalities

  • Mini-map

a small minimap in corner to show the enemy presence in the map. Enemy is colour coded as red and the player as green.

  • Added healthbar for enemies

Enemies will hame a small healthbar on top of them so that player can see how much health is remaining. Strategy is to help player determine the enemy health so that tthey can prioritise whom to shoot and run away as enemies tend to overwhelm the player.

  • Killed enemies drop point pickup which can be collected by player

Once an enemy is killed, it will drop a point ball which can be collected by the player for extra points. Different enemies drop different coloured balls with varying points.

  • Health point pickup

Killed enemies may drop a health point ball which restore the health of player. It is a rotating cube which has a red cross texture over it

  • Health Bar fluctuation when under attack by player

When an enemy is under attack by the player , its health bar will flash. It helps player to know which enemy is getting hit when firing the gun.

  • Probability system in enemies droping point pickups & health pickups. Also pickup expiry

In order to make game more chanllenging ,a system is implemented in which not all the enemies will drop the points or health pickup. Its based on probability that a killed enemy has 50% chance to drop a pickup. Out of that 50% , a 30% chance that it will be a health pickup and a 70% chance that its a point pickup. Also a point ball has a specified time period after which it will disapper. So player has to collect it before it disapper to get the points

  • Pause and exit functionality

Implemented UI elements to pause the game and also to exit the game as player wishes.

  • Extra Sounds

Extra sounds are added , lastest being sound for collecting the point balls.

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