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Unity Editor PlugIn to help you track any public variable graphically in realtime, during gameplay

Unity 5.3.2f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 4 years agoCreated on December 8th, 2013
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This is a Unity PlugIn to help you track any public variable visually in realtime, as an overlay when you play. You can directly see what impact has your interaction with a specifically tracked variable.

HowTo Tutorial :

  1. Download VisualVariableMonitoring from Unity’s Asset Store (Category: Scripting>Other)

  2. To track a variable, you just have to add, above its declaration: DBG_Track() You can also give a specific color to the tracking curve using three ratio-floats (red, green, blue) or a color name (all W3C Color table names are supported).

  3. Attach the Component “CG_VisualVariableMonitoring.cs” to the Camera you’re playing.

  4. Be sure to activate “Gizmos” filter on you game window (Debug drawings requirement)

Enjoy !

You can adjust how the curves are drawing in the Component of course, but also when playing using Margin GUIButtons:

Margin Side = Choose if Margin infos are displayed on the “LeftSide”, “RightSide” or not al all.

Margin Width = The ratio of the screen for the margin width

Layout Mode = You can choose if you want your curves drawn overlapping themselves (with their own ratio), or stacked.

Absolute Mode = Manage if you want to check the values amount only (turned ON), or if sign matters (turned OFF) and in that case 0.0f value will be the median value.

Opacity : Allow you to tweak the opacity of the curves.

======================== Author: Cyrille PAULHIAC Email: WebSite:

Known Limitations (or future roadmap goals):

  • only float or float-castable are supported (incomming Vector3 and Quaternions).
  • only public fields on MonoBehaviour’s components are supported.
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