Mini World


A demonstration of skill using Unity Engine 5.6 and technical skills between players and AI. 3D assets will be added at a later stage.

Email me: [email protected] if you have any enquiries 😃

Ethan character model and animations and robot kyle were imported from Unity Asset Store

All code written by me is in the Logic folder.

This scene so far is to demonstrate character movement and camera control in a thrid person control setup. The objective of the scene is to say out of sight from the Robot’s (AI) line of sight but will patrol the scene otherwise.


Road Map:

To be added next will be a turret in the centre of the scene that will track the player while restricting the turret controls to create more realistic movement.

After that your player will be able to use a weapon and health and ammo systems will be setup. Also an inventory system but this will be demonstrative for now but will add reason and implement at a later stage.

In regards to 3D models will be props and environment models to fill the scene but this will be secondary task for now while I setup the scene logic first.