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Some of the scripts I have written in C# working as a game developer in Unity 3D Engine.

Unknown LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on August 15th, 2017

Brenner Pacelli’s Unity Work Samples

This project contains four scripts which I have worked on and one illustration for understanding better what the scripts do.

“RadioEffect.cs” and “CubeObject.cs” are scripts written for the game Segregare. In the 3D Tetris-like game, you need to help looters recycle garbage on a Brazilian dumping ground. CubeObject is attached to every cube in the game. RadioEffect is a radioactive spreading effect that infects one cube at a time.

“Piece.cs” and “PointClickManager.cs” are scripts written for the game Mapas do Horizonte (“Maps of the Horizon”). In the 2D puzzle-based game, you solve various puzzles in a journey to collect art pieces about the nine master regions of the city Belo Horizonte. Piece determines the behaviour of puzzle pieces, while PointClickManager manages the objects that the player must find and its respective boxes in the user interface.

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