Unity3D Timers

License MIT


Timer class with various behaviors

About: Have a system allowing to easily create and extend complex timer behaviors.


//Start simple repeater 
Timer.Repeater(5f, () => Debug.Log("Repeater test"));
//Start countdown and call Draw in 2.5 seconds
Timer.Countdown(2.5f, Draw);

Concept: A manager class pools and constructs new timers, timer store up to 4 handlers, and arbitrarely raise events in concrete implementation.

private class CountdownBehavior : TimerBehaviorBase, ITimerBehavior
    float exitTime;
    public void Initialize()
        exitTime = f1;

    public void Update(float deltaTime)
        TimePassed += deltaTime;
        TotalTimeActive += deltaTime;

        if (TimePassed > exitTime)
            Completed = true;

Countdown inherits TimerBehaviorBase and implements ITimerBehavior. On top of that only concrete behavior in implemented that uses data and callbacks provided in constructor:

public static Timer Countdown(float exitTime, Action callback)
    Timer timer = TimerManager.getTimer();
        .SetFloats(exitTime, 0, 0, 0)
        .SetCallbacks(callback, null, null, null);
    return timer;

as you can see you can set 4 floats, and 4 callbacks and use them in your implementation of behavior as you like. Examples

For concrete real example look at Ability class, it implements typical game ability, with cooldown.