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A simple 2D animator for Unity

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 92 days agoCreated on November 7th, 2017
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A simple 2D animator for Unity, lightweight and easier to use than Mecanim for large volumes of sprites or files that often change.

Compatible with Unity 4.2+.

Used in the game Steredenn to handle 24000 sprites and thousands of animations.

Disclaimer: this is a very rough release and it is provided ith no support!


  • Download the sources and copy them to your project.


  • Download the latest release and install the .unitypackage in your project.


1/ Right-clic on a folder with all your animation frames


2/ Create a new 2D/Simple Animation


3/ A ScriptableObject should have been created. You can preview the animation and tweak the settings.


4/ Create a GameObject with a SpriteRenderer and a SimpleAnimator.

5/ Assign the created animation object to the SimpleAnimator. If you have several animations, you should list them all in clips.


6/ Your animation should now play. If you want the GameObject to be automatically destroyed at the end of the animation, check the following setting:


Code usage

var anim = GetComponent<SimpleAnimator>();
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