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JarJar Unity plugin for AAR files

Unity 2017.1.1f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 2 years agoCreated on February 16th, 2017
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JarJar Unity plugin for AAR files

Kinda fixes the multidex problem when using a lot of AAR files on Unity.

Kinda not.

Jar Jar

JarJar replaces the package name in the AndroidManiest.xml files that he finds inside all AAR files in the Plugins/Android folder. He also looks for AndroidManifest.xml files and update them. The new package name is the one set in the Player Settings.


Import the JarJar plugin in Unity Assets/Import Package/Custom Packages..., you can find the latest version here.

After the plugin import is done, an option will appear in the Unity Editor menu Tools/Android/Update AAR and AndroidManifest with JarJar, just click and wait. Android should be the selected platform before run it.


JarJar uses the amazing UniZip. The Google Play Games Plugin for Unity is in this project only for test purpose, it is not part of the plugin.


You can enable a debug log by adding DEBUG_JARJAR in the Scripting Define Symbols section located at the Player Settings, this will print more information about the JarJar process.


This is an empty Unity project with the Google Play Games Plugin for Unity imported. The android build generates 16 files, which may cause the multidex problem.


After running the JarJar and building the same project again, only one file is generated.


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