Localiza is a Unity plugin to localize your game/app.



  • Grouping: Use Group to manage your localization items, and it does not affect how you access items .
  • Localize (Almost) everything: Anything that inherits UnityEngine.Object can be localized, just modify the config file. Imgur
  • Referenece Mode: Easiliy check your base localization when translating! Imgur
  • Recycle Bin: Get back the items you accidentally deleted!

Built-In Runtime Components

  • LocalizationCache as a access interface to localization file.
  • UITextSync to auto change UI.Text component’s text according activated localization.

How To Install

  • Download the repo and extract the “LocalizaV2” Folder in Assets to wherever in your Unity project Assets folder

How To Use


Interface Tips


Some Description

  • The Localiza window reads what you want to localizae from config file and get the types via reflection.
  • You have to provide Drawer (inherits ItemDrawerBase) for any additional types (Assets) you want to localize and add it to config.
  • The config file is located at LocalizaV2/Editor.
  • By default, Localiza provide Drawer for String, AudioClip, Sprite Drawers.